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Your financial well being is our first priority.

We are committed to understanding your financial needs and giving you the confidence to achieve your long-term goals.

At Grant Private Wealth Management, we develop a personalized strategy for each client. Our hands-on investment approach begins with listening closely to our clients’ goals. Our team is not content to simply implement an investment plan. Rather, we constantly monitor and provide active response to ensure the most beneficial outcomes for our clients.

Grant Private Wealth Management has a dedicated team of professionals serving the financial planning and wealth management needs of individuals, families, and businesses in the San Francisco Bay Area. We will work with your objectives, time frames, and risk tolerances. Then we work with you to develop and monitor a personalized strategy that’s aligned with your goals.

As Fee-Based Financial Advisers, we have a fiduciary responsibility to advise clients in their best interest. There is no hidden agenda, no proprietary investment products that are associated with a particular brokerage house. We represent YOU and YOUR interests when giving you financial advice. At Grant Private Wealth Management, you will receive unbiased and transparent financial advice every time you speak to us. In this way we build on trust and integrity.

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